Instinctual Variants

- The type within a type


Enneatemps Help us to Type 19 out of 27 Instinctual Variants

Micro Cosmos, can be used for Instinctual Variants, as well.

We need to understand, that two of the three Instinctual Variants, the Sexual Instinct and the Social Instinct, are represented within this diagram.  They are positioned within Micro Cosmos as the following illustration shows:

As you can observe, Self Preservation is not within this system, similar to the absence of Type Threes and Sixes, which again leaves the system open. 

This categorizing is empiric, means it is based on Types itself, that for example Sevens and Twos, are of course generally speaking, a lot more social, than the other types. Same applies for Type One and Eight, that through their hot and dry temper, we can connect them to the sexual energy. But as we will see below, this categorizing will help us to understand the Counter-Types, and in fact, will helps us to fit the Counter-Types into Enneatemps System.


By integrating the Four Temperaments into Enneagram Types and the theory of energy, I could solve the enormous burden of complexity of 27 Instinctual Variants based on Micro Cosmos.

Instinctual Variants do follow the same law of Harmonics and Hornevians, but they kind of ‘differentiate’ with their energy and here we want to find, what happens.

As mentioned, a Social Eight on a Friday evening drinking beer in a bar, has the same (very similar) energy of a Type Seven, means Sanguine energy, the blood is moving differently than other Eights.

To make the task easier, we must know that in fact the Instinctual Variants change their energy only if they are Counter Types and therefore their position in the Micro Cosmos map, will vary.

The diagram below shows the regularity of Counter-Types:

Interesting again, is that here we can see another grouping regularity within Enneagram, this time just by counting from 1 to 9 in 3 groups! In this way we can remember Counter-Type positions easier. Because of the phenomena, of using temperature and humidity into the typing system, we are able now to put the Instinctual Variants into our framework, as it is shown in the following illustration.

According to this illustration, Sexual Fours and Fives, which are the Counter-Types of these Types, are moving towards the ‘sexual’ part of Micro Cosmos, which is the ‘warmer place’ to be.

They do not loose their dryness, which is the ‘essence seeking’ part in them, but they get warmer.  Within The Four Temperaments, ‘warmer’ is, getting faster in responsiveness, and / or reactions!

Now imagine the usually thoughtful Fives, get the sexual energy and hotness of Ones or Eights.  You can immediately sense the change.  Additionally, you can see, that they are becoming more ‘Choleric’, might even have more bile production in themselves! Same applies for the ‘hanging’ Fours, which now, are quicker and able to define the ‘origin’.  Sexual Fours indeed fit more to the Choleric group than the Melancholic Types. And their name ‘cannibals’ indeed shows, that now they can quickly see the origin in others, and in that way ‘suck’ that origin from them!

In typing, these are extreme difficult cases, as Sexual Fives have in their appearance, very little to do, with the other Type Fives.

Same applies to Social Eights. They are moving from the hot / dry area, which is the quick and sustainable responsiveness area, into the wetter place, means less sustainable, less essential content seeking, but more wet and fluid, less rigid.

In fact it brings us to the point, that why a Counter-Type is actually called ‘counter’-Type. They move ‘against’ other Co-Types which shows, that they ‘loose’ to some degree, one of the qualities of the group, or they ‘soften’ it, and in this way move towards their integration.

This is exactly the answer to some Eights which I saw, and thought they were Sevens.

Jack Nicholson is to me like that. If you hear a speech of him at AFi e.g., you will see how he comes to the point in very sustainable way, just within seconds with such an energy, that all the Eights have, but he has this ‘airy’ thing, which makes us all believe, that he is a Type Seven.

Social Nines become by moving towards warmer area of the Micro Cosmos more active in social life, and warmth is within them, so that they are not stuck in indecisiveness any more.

Here a summary of all 27 Instinctual Variants which fit into Enneatemps:

Ones: Self Preservation Ones not, in the system, as Self Preservation energy is not on the map. But other Type Ones (Sexual and Social) are within the system and have the energy hot / dry

Twos: Self Preservation Twos, not, in the system, as Self Preservation energy is not on the map. But other Type Twos (Sexual and Social) are within the system, and have the energy hot / wet

Threes: Threes are not in the system at all. Additionally, Self Preservation energy, as mentioned above, is not in the map.

Fours:  All Instinctual Variants of Fours are covered. Sexual Fours are the Counter-Types and change their energy towards Ones / Eights.

Fives:  All Instinctual Variants of Fives are covered. Sexual Fives are the Counter-Types and change their energy towards Ones / Eights

Sixes: Sixes are not in the system at all. But Sexual Sixes, which are Eight likes, must be in the hot area and about their dryness, I would say it is based on what the culture defines it. More about this on chapter about Threes and Sixes.

Sevens: All Instinctual Variants of Sevens are covered. Social Sevens are the Counter-Types and their energy remains within Sevens / Twos. To be mentioned: Sexual Sevens do not change their energy, as they are not the Counter-Types of Sevens.

Eights: All Instinctual Variants of Eights are covered. Social Eights are the Counter-Types and change their energy towards Sevens / Twos.

Nines: All Instinctual Variants of Nine are covered. Social Nine are the Counter-Types and change their energy towards Sevens / Twos.

In other words, 8 out of the 27 Instinctual Variants are not in this system, the other 19 Types are within and can be easily typed or recognized.

These 8 Types, which are not in the system are again:

Self Preservation Ones (SP One)

Self Preservation Twos (SP Two)

All Variants of Threes (SP Three, Sexual Three, Social Three)

All Variants of Sixes (SP Sixes, Sexual Sixes, Social Sixes)


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