- The Mother Science of Therapy


Why top PERFORMERS use Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis to perform better? With Hypnosis, we acces to a world inside of us, which DRIVES all of our ACTIONS.

In other words . . .

Our EMOTIONS, MEMORY and the SPACE in which we move, we express and we live is affected by the TRANCE we live in. HYPNOSIS changes that TRANCE and makes more SPACE to move in. We call it the BANDWIDTH will change.

All therapy methods available to human being are somehow related to HYPNOSIS. It is worth to try it. Also MARKETING TOOLS we see in TV spots and for products are all based on HYPNOTIC TOOLS.

And with SELF-HYPNOSIS we can even do it for ourselves by ourselves EVERYDAY.

AUTO-SUGGESTIONS and ANCHORING are other hypnotic tools we use at Naderi Coaching International.

List of key specialities click here. I am specialised in C - P - O - V from the list below.


Broaden the ‘bandwidth’