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If you can bypass COGNITIVE mind (that is the conscious mind) from it’s destructive energy and access to your SUB-CONSCIOUS mind you have a lot more energy. You get RESULTS. 

Everyone says I want to be HAPPY, in career, relationship, fitness and body. What prevents us to be happy? We dont get RESULTS. What get results are our ACTIONS and they are driven by EMOTIONS.  

The seat of our EMOTIONS are in our SUB-CONSCIOUS. 

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is access to our inner resources. It is BROADENING the bandwidth on which we work within emotions, memory and life in general.  

Why Gestalt? 

Gestalt is the internal dialogue on the way to our INTEGRATION. We need to integrate our various parts. Otherwise we are not on our path AND our INTUITION is not to our benefits. Gestalt makes us as a WHOLE. 

Why Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a useful tool for understanding both the “upside” and “downside” of our personality styles. Personality is the way we FUNCTION. Too much of it, makes us problems; completely without it is ‘enlightened’, but we can’t FUNCTION in today’s world!  
To understand the types please click on the following links: 

Type 1  -  Type 2  -  Type 3  -  Type 4  -  Type 5  -  Type 6  -  Type 7  -  Type 8  -  Type 9

What is Enneatemps®?

Enneatemps® is my contribution to the world of typology. It connects the ancient typology of the Four Temperaments to the Enneagram Types. It has implications on health and decision making process and beyond. 
Why Constellations?

Constellation is the UTMOST BACKGROUND of PHENOMENOLOGICAL way of seeing the world. It is THE ANSWER to all other unsolved questions which works perfectly with Enneagram side by side. Constellation has TWO DIRECTIONS: Family constellation for personal work and organisational constellation for companies. 

Organisational Constellations works phenomenological. We can improve TEAMWORK, DECISION MAKING, and almost all other organisational topic with just ONE TOOL. 

“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. 
I would like to see you living in better conditions.” 


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